Statement on the Arrest of Concha Araneta Bocala

Published on 2015-08-10


The security forces of the Aquino regime gloat over the capture of Ka Concha Araneta, the spokesperson of the National Democratic Front in Panay (NDF-Panay). Indeed, we are saddened over the temporary loss of Ka Concha from the mainstream of the revolutionary struggle. We will temporily miss the decades-tempered experience, leadership and wisdom of Ka Concha while she would be strug-gling against the imprisonment, fighting for her freedom to rejoin the ranks of revolutionaries outside prison.

Take note that it is Ka Concha’s third incarceration. The last time that she was detained, she es-caped together with 8 other political detainees during the Marcos dictatorship on September 9, 1980 to continue the fight in the mountains. Anyway, if the fascist state succeed in prolonging her imprison-ment, the revolutionary movement, as it advance to a new level, would then liberate all political prison-ers.

Of course, even the Aquino regime itself does not believe that the revolutionary movement inPanay would be hobbled by the capture of Ka Concha. Except for Ka Concha, the leadership of the rev-olutionary movement in Panay, remains intact. They are dedicated to pursue, with unified leadership, the program and plans to contribute to the ouster of the Aquino regime and to frustrate the armed en-emy’s latest OPlan to weaken the revolutionary forces.

The National Democratic Movement has weathered the most dangerous phase of its infancy in Panay under the bayonets of Marcos dictatorship and not only survived but has outlasted the dictator-ship itself. It has strenthened and grown bigger even as hundreds of its cadres were decimated by the iron rule. It has survived and even got stronger even when divided by the splittist Tabara traitor clique during the 90’s. Surely, the Aquino regime would have been long gone while the national democratic revolution will advance to new heights even in Panay.

All senior cadres contributed a lot to the development and training of hundreds of leading ca-dres and several thousands of mass leaders and activists, teritorial command, and unit leaders. And now the former are more than willing, not only to replace those who have ‘fallen by the wayside’ or ‘faded away’; they are volunteering to carry the new tasks and responsibilities of an ever strengthening and expanding ranks of revolutionary forces.
Right after Ka Concha’s capture, a unit of the NPA ambushed some Special Action Unit of the PNP guarding the construction of the notorious Jalaur Dam. Contrary to the PNP’s claim that this was done to avenge the arrest of Ka Concha, the ambush signals the onset of the armed campaign against the construction of the said Dam. All legal and mass struggles opposing the construction had been sup-pressed and manipulated to fail against a pet project of the regime. It is time then to deploy the ultimate weapon of the masses—the armed struggle. The armed action is only a part of an ongoing campaign to frustrate the armed operations of the AFP and PNP. This will only intensify in defence of the people suf-fering from the fascist attacks and plunderous exploitation by the regime.

Ten thousand rallyist have repeatedly stormed the major urban centers of the region these past quarter since May 1 to demand the ouster of an haciendero regime. There will be bigger and more mili-tant mass actions in the remaining months of 2015 by people demanding alleviation from hunger and disaster-damage. They would denounce the sell out to foreign big capitalists at APEC gatherings and in allowing US and Japanese troops to run roughshod over the land and seas while being inutile in the face of Chinese incursions. Even as the security forces continue to assassinate, arrest and harass the peo-ple’s mass leaders they will never subdue the rising tide of an angry people in their hundreds of thou-sands.

Nor could the Aquino regime claim Panay as a solid bailiwick inspite of its guns, goons and gold. The revolutionary and progressive movement’s influence have doubled and redoubled since the latter took a leading role in the massive relief and rehabilitation of hundreds of thousands of victims of Yolanda in the midst of the criminal neglect up to now by the Aquino regime.

Hundreds of thousands of Panayanons are influenced by the revolutionary and progressive movement during the past bourgeois electoral exercises even as the revolutionaries do not participate in the electoral exercise. So much so that even this early, many politicians are already seeking out revolutionaries/progressives to ensure the success of their candidacy. Tens of thousands of the masses are influenced by progressive alliances to fight for their local economic and sectoral issues and demands.

We may lose some of our leaders and we take serious lessons from such losses. But as always, several hundreds and thousands of cadres and activists, with younger legs, stronger bodies and more enthusiastic and militant spirit, are volunteering to replace such losses and to lead a much bigger force in the struggle for national and social freedom and prosperity. And the Panayanons, led and influenced by the revolutionary forces, would unceasingly, inexorably march towards a bright future.

Julian Paisano 
Coronacion Chiva “Waling-waling” Command 
New People’s Army - Panay