Published on 2016-01-05

Last December 22, at the eve before the start of the current end-year cessation of hostilities, the NPA in Panay
unleashed one final blow by punishing one, Jessie Capilastique, a conspirator in the killing of Romeo Capalla
last March of 2014 in Oton Town Market right across the Municipal Police Station.

The punishment was done with precision and great care at the midst of a cluster of houses of civilians where the
criminal Capilastique resided in a barangay in Leon, Iloilo. The barangay also housed several other RPA-ABB
goons armed by the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP). Nevertheless
revolutionary justice had to be exacted at the least expected moment so as to avoid civilian casualties and the
least danger to the NPA unit.

The Coronacion “Waling-waling” Chiva Operational Command commends the commando unit of the NPA who
punished Capilastique, for its courage and daringness in penetrating the lair of the RPA-ABB and exacting
justice. It struck the greatest fear into the heart of other co-conspirators who would have to pay for their blood
debt to families of many other civilians whom they have murdered.

Jessie Capilastique was a key participant in the assassination of Romeo Capalla. The investigators of the killing
of Capalla found out that:

1. Jessie Capilastique was present and participated in the planning of Capalla’s assassination together with
their military intelligence handler from the Intelligence Service Group (ISG), a ranking leader of the
RPA-ABB (Nilo Dela Cruz faction) from Luzon and other notorious personalities of the RPA-ABB in

2. Jessie Capilastique was found to have directly engaged in surveilling Romeo’s movement around Oton
town days before the latter’s assassination.

3. The plot was instigated by the military intelligence handlers (ISG) and perpetrated by the RPA-ABB so
as to simulate a “factional fight” among “rebels.” Thus hiding the culpability of the AFP intelligence
and allow the US-Aquino Regime to continue brandishing its Human Rights pretentions while secretly
liquidating legal personalities opposed to its rule with impunity.

4. The PNP went through the motions of investigating the crime and even charged one of the perpetrators.
They abandoned the prosecution as soon as public interest waned as required of them being accomplice
to the crime. The PNP Oton turned a blind eye even as they have already inadvertedly pinpointed one
RPA-ABB perpetrator via CCTV—the local media was even able to interview the suspect while the
PNP never investigated the perpetrator.

From the above data it became obvious that justice for Romeo Capalla and many other victims of the state could
only be exacted by the revolutionary movement and its armed force, the New People’s Army.

The national democratic movement is fully aware that armed repression by the state against the people
struggling for freedom and prosperity is the very root cause of these series of assassinations. The state could not
simply allow the Left, even if engaged in legal struggle, to protest or even to simply engage in successful
economic project to provide for additional income for the people leading to their raising of their awareness of
the exploitative nature of the current social system.

Romeo Capalla had been harassed before his killing. Apparently the state would not allow him as the head of
Panay Fair Trade Corporation (PFTC) to successfully mobilize thousands of small sugar planters to engage in
the production and export of muscovado sugar abroad. Even the various plants, equipments and mills were
targets of arson by the RPA-ABB as instigated by the state intelligence service.

Justice for Romeo Capalla would be most wanting if only Jessie Capilastique was punished. Even the exaction
of justice for all of Capalla’s murderers would not fulfill the demand for revolutionary justice. Some elements
of the RPA-ABB could even be amnestied by the revolutionary movement if they cooperate in exacting justice
for Capalla and all other victims of these criminals.

However, state oppression would always victimize many more civilians in the state’s drive to preserve its
exploitative rule. More RPA-ABB paramilitary- type surrogate killers like the Magahat who were victimizing
the Lumads of Mindanao could be organized by the state. Only the eventual downfall of an oppressive and
exploitative system by the people could eliminate state oppression by the ruling system. And to that we pledge
to fight for till victory.

Julian Paisano
Coronacion “Waling-waling” Chiva Command
New People’s Army—Panay