Published on 2017-08-10

Pablito Araneta, a former NPA surrenderer and traitor has the gall to give his opinion on matters he is so ignorant of despite his once short stint in the revolutionary movement.

He opined that Joma (Jose Ma. Sison) is losing control of the NPA citing the series of attacks by the NPA against police and military troops despite the ongoing peace talks between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front. He also based his opinion taking cue from former and discredited rebels like himself who shared the view that “ang CPP-NPA-NDF sa Europe daw waay ginapati sang CPP-NPA-NDF sa Pilipinas”.

Araneta merely echoes the militarist view of General Eduardo Año and former General Delfin Lorenzana who insist that the NPA should stop its offensives against their mercenary troops even when no ceasefire has been agreed on by both sides. We would like to remind Araneta that it was the GRP who refused to declare a unilateral ceasefire before the 4th round of talks last April even when it was mutually agreed upon during the backchannel talks last March.

To say that the NDFP negotiating panel mostly based in Europe “waay ginapati sang CPP-NPA-NDF sa Pilipinas” just shows his ignorance of the fact that the NDFP negotiating panel is under the supervision and guidance of the CPP as its principal and not the other way round.
Araneta also pretends to pose an expert opinion that the NPA strength in Panay continues to weaken and that only a few participate in mass actions unlike before when “almost every month there was a people’s march”.

We would like to remind Araneta that when he left Panay before Martial Law for training in Luzon, there was only a team of students-turned-Red fighters doing mass work in the border towns of Iloilo-Capiz-Aklan. That team has now swelled into multiple platoons, squads and teams operating in all provinces of Panay.
In his short stint as an activist the monthly people’s march (mostly students) he refers to has turned into almost 40 years (since the upsurge of the mass movement in 1978) of sustained mass actions and protests in Panay and nationwide numbering from a few to tens of thousands by the widest variety of sectors of our society from the peasant masses, the Lumad and other indigenous peoples, the Moro people, workers, urban poor, fisherfolks, youth, students, academe and teachers, health workers, government employees, church sector including the hierarchy, the transport sector, market vendors, other professionals and businessmen.

What Araneta has expressed are nothing new but mere refrains from the reactionary and militarist sycophants of the Duterte regime. He even fails to impress an “expert” opinion by his admittance of being no longer privy to internal affairs of the movement and merely quoting former isolated rebels like himself.

It would do him good if he shuts up or better still if he apologizes for his wrongdoings to the revolutionary movement and make amends. Then that would be new and newsworthy.

–National Democratic Front Panay Region